Founder, Editor

A.G. Billig is a published bestselling author in fiction and non-fiction, digital entrepreneur, TV host, and digital marketing expert. She is a #1 Amazon Best Selling author in three non-fiction categories, an experienced writer, winner of several fiction-writing competitions, and an author whose short story volume was traditionally published (MP Publishing). A.G. Billig is also an authorpreneur who is helping other writers to build their author brand, stay confident and productive, and organize successful marketing campaigns

A.G Billig won her first literary national award when she was 11 and finished writing her first novel when she was 15. She landed her first contract with a British publishing house for her debut book without the support of an agent or other players in the field. She also created a new form of book launch event, which combines various art forms.

A.G. Billig has a Master’s Degree in Communication and PR from David Ogilvy University, BA in Languages and Literatures (English, French) and a Translator – Interpreter Diploma. A.G. Billig is also a European Trained Course Facilitator.

She has ten-year experience as a TV, radio and podcast host and producer, five-year experience as editor-in-chief for glossy and lifestyle magazines, ten-year experience as a PR expert for international brands in the luxury, fashion, art, and automotive industries. She created and implemented successfully communication strategies aimed at increasing awareness and driving sales. Branding, media relations, and content marketing are her three top skills.

A.G. Billig is communication strategist for the Dublin Writers’ Conference and creator of branding and podcasting online courses for authors. She is a contributor to various media outlets in the U.S. and Europe on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, spirituality, and healthy life-style.

Editor in chief, Web designer

Eugen Lenghel is an awarded published author with a focus on short stories in the science-fiction genre. So far, he traditionally published four short stories collections, 9 Reused Stories, The Countdown, The Virtual Farmer, and Quantic Instability. He is also a contributor for some of the most popular science-fiction magazines in Eastern Europe. In this capacity, he was a speaker at Eurocon 2012 and Atlanykron 2016.

With a twenty-year experience as an editor, essayist, and writing coach, he also teaches courses on overcoming the writer’s block and creative writing. Some of these lectures are published at fictiuni.ro, a literary and visual arts online magazine focusing on science-fiction and fantasy, founded by Eugen with main goal of helping young talents in their effort to achieve authorship, soon to have an English international version.

Eugen Lenghel founded and keeps running The Rasnov Science-Fiction Festival, one of the most known events for science-fiction authors in Eastern Europe.

Eugen Lenghel is a specialist in computer science with a 30-year broad experience. Among his key skills are building online platforms and SEO optimization. Nonetheless, his current activity is a rich source of inspiration for his stories.