The strength of indie authors resides in their willingness to help each other. We are all part of a global tribe. We hope this platform will be the meeting point for authors across the world,  evolve as a vibrant community for writers who choose to bring their creative contribution via the self-publishing route. As a platform, we want to share success stories and relevant information, inspire authors to follow their dreams and offer the guidance that is so much needed in an emerging industry.

# already self-published,
# are an experienced book cover designer, editor, marketer, or blogger,
# manage to make a life as an indie author,
# or simply want to share the lessons you’ve learned as a self-published author,

Then we are gald to say welcome to our editorial board! Contributors are expected to submit at least an article every four weeks. Down the road, this could potentially become a paid opportunity for writers.

Topics for selfpublishingmastery.com would revolve around the following:
1. Personal stories and experiences, tips and tricks, or tutorials on different aspects of self-publishing
2. News about significant  writing conferences and events from around the globe;
3. Interviews, essays, trends analysis


We are already looking forward to seeing your message in our inbox at contact@selfpublishingmastery.com. Please use the subject line “I wish to be part of selfpublishingmastery.com as a contributor,” to indicate that you are interested in working with us.

In your e-mail message, please also provide the following information about yourself:
1. Your E-mail address;
2. Shortly introduce yourself and your books. Don’t forget to include the links to your author platform
3. Share a topic you wish to work on and write for our platform. Do send us a sample of your writing if you already have a published material elsewhere as a writer/blogger/contributor.

Our team is to respond you kindly via e-mail within 72 hrs. If you arrive as a content contributor at selfpublishingmastery.com, as a beginner, we will dedicate a special place on our platform to highlight your work and your profile.

Got good content covering the above topics, but do not have quite the time to be a regular team member? Then, the option of submitting an article individually could work just  for you! Therefore, feel free to send your story and details to contact@selfpublishingmastery.com.  (note: anything other than content submissions will be ignored). Please use the subject line “I wish to submit an article” to indicate you are interested in working with us.