A.G. Billig is a published bestselling author in fiction and non-fiction, digital entrepreneur, TV host, and digital marketing expert. She is a #1 Amazon Best Selling author in three non-fiction categories, an experienced writer, winner of several fiction-writing competitions, and an author whose short story volume was traditionally published (MP Publishing). A.G. Billig is also an authorpreneur who is helping other writers to build their author brand, stay confident and productive, and organize successful marketing campaigns

A.G Billig won her first literary national award when she was 11 and finished writing her first novel when she was 15. She landed her first contract with a British publishing house for her debut book without the support of an agent or other players in the field. She also created a new form of book launch event, which combines various art forms.

A.G. Billig has a Master’s Degree in Communication and PR from David Ogilvy University, BA in Languages and Literatures (English, French) and a Translator – Interpreter Diploma. A.G. Billig is also a European Trained Course Facilitator.

She has ten-year experience as a TV, radio and podcast host and producer, five-year experience as editor-in-chief for glossy and lifestyle magazines, ten-year experience as a PR expert for international brands in the luxury, fashion, art, and automotive industries. She created and implemented successfully communication strategies aimed at increasing awareness and driving sales. Branding, media relations, and content marketing are her three top skills.

A.G. Billig is communication strategist for the Dublin Writers’ Conference and creator of branding and podcasting online courses for authors. She is a contributor to various media outlets in the U.S. and Europe on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, spirituality, and healthy life-style.

Publishing and communication expert

Aura Imbarus is an awarded educator, freelance journalist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Amazon best-seller, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity, a memoir detailing her life in Romania during the Communist regime. She is also the President and Founder of See Beyond, a company focusing on adolescents’ challenges in the 21st century, having as its launching platform See Beyond Magazine.

Dr. Imbarus has a BA in Foreign Languages, MA in American and British Studies, and a PhD in World Humanities. Since 1998, she has been teaching high school and college level classes in So. Cal. She was featured on NBC, ABC, CNBS, Good Morning San Diego, Forbes Romania, etc.

Aura Imbarus is the Cultural Director of Viitorul Roman, a Romanian Cultural and Aid Society in California; she is also the President and Co-Founder of RAPN – Romanian American Professional Network. She sits on the Board of Wesley Foundation UCLA and is a mentor for Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation, a non-profit and professional organization whose mission is to help children with disabilities. Aura is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, having trained with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Wanita Holmes.

She writes for The Global Woman Magazine in London; Elephant JournalBeverly Hills Times MagazineThe Immigrant, The Eden Magazine, Hermannstader Zeitung in Transylvania and also works as a freelance journalist for Entertainment and Sports Today.

“No matter how hard this moment is, seeing beyond it can shed light on the bigger purpose of life, understanding that there are always two sides to every story, and there is always a reason, a lesson, and an outcome which are deeply interwoven. Many times we have to put up with the rain in order to enjoy the latter beauty of the rainbow.”

Jami Lynn SANDS

As a writer and editor, Jami Lynn Sands, is based in Southeastern Ohio, U.S.A. Her years of experience as a newspaper columnist helped to prepare her for the rigors of the literary world. In 2012, she was offered the opportunity to review and evaluate manuscripts sent to Neale Donald Walsch, world-renowned author of the best-selling series, Conversations with God. The review process helped to determine the books readiness for publication, and often led to assisting authors with the editing process.

Although Jami specializes in the spiritual aspects of the metaphysical and supernatural, she works with both fiction and non-fiction. This includes, but is not limited to, spiritual messages, ‘how to’ manuscripts, reference, poetry, children’s, and young adult fiction. She remains open to any genre.

She has several more of her own books in progress, but her greatest joy is found in assisting other authors with getting their messages out into the world.

Jami attributes the success of her work to the trust she places in the ability to write from the soul. She believes that when one comes from a place within the heart, where God is found, listening to the inner guidance, beautiful things happen. This means writing from the heart, which is the seat of the soul, and not the mind. The heart will always tell you what the mind will not. The mind will insist on practicality; the heart and soul of it are your feelings and emotions. This is how most people will relate. This also means writing from a place of honesty, integrity, and genuineness without an agenda. It is for the greater good, because we are indeed all One.

Jami has found that Spirit will always send us those who have something to teach us or the gift of something we need to know. It is one thing to listen and another to act on it. Focusing on the inner guidance and sharing what will be helpful to others is the key.

For further information and services offered, please visit her websites, jamilynnsands.com and sandsoftimepublishing.com

Editor in chief, Web designer

Eugen Lenghel is an awarded published author with a focus on short stories in the science-fiction genre. So far, he traditionally published four short stories collections, 9 Reused Stories, The Countdown, The Virtual Farmer, and Quantic Instability. He is also a contributor for some of the most popular science-fiction magazines in Eastern Europe. In this capacity, he was a speaker at Eurocon 2012 and Atlanykron 2016.

With a twenty-year experience as an editor, essayist, and writing coach, he also teaches courses on overcoming the writer’s block and creative writing. Some of these lectures are published at fictiuni.ro, a literary and visual arts online magazine focusing on science-fiction and fantasy, founded by Eugen with main goal of helping young talents in their effort to achieve authorship, soon to have an English international version.

Eugen Lenghel founded and keeps running The Rasnov Science-Fiction Festival, one of the most known events for science-fiction authors in Eastern Europe.

Eugen Lenghel is a specialist in computer science with a 30-year broad experience. Among his key skills are building online platforms and SEO optimization. Nonetheless, his current activity is a rich source of inspiration for his stories.