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It’s not a secret anymore. Blurbs—or book descriptions—sell books. But not just any blurbs. Like any other product description, your sales blurb needs to speak the language of your readers, capture their attention, and make them click the buy button.

My team and I will write an SEO optimized professional book description that will enhance your book discoverability by search engines and will match the amazing cover of your wonderful book.



+ One professionally written SEO optimized book description that sells (up to 600 words)

+ One revision


How does it work?

Please place your order and fill out this submission form. All you need to provide is your book title (and subtitle, if so), your book genre, a synopsis and three to five main takeaways (for non-fiction), a link to the Amazon book page (if it is already published), and a summary of your target audience.

This information will allow us to write killer book description that will increase your book sales. In the unlikely situation where we will need more details or clarification to complete our task, we’ll reach out to you after reading your answers.  

Turnaround time is 14 days. Expedite delivery (two days) is an additional $99.

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