Knowing how to market a book is a must for authors and companies alike. Bestsellers can give away a massive return on investment and optimize your reputation as a writer. But, it all requires sophisticated marketing strategies to promote a book.

Statistics show that success clearly depends on your own marketing ideas. Publishers can initiate campaigns, but there is a significant increase in sales when the author themselves forges and implements plans. Some authors know how to achieve this in a targeted manner in marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have the time or creativity that you need for successful book marketing, it’s still possible to get your book out there. Every year almost 100,000 books find their way on the market. Very few make it to become a bestseller. As an author, you have to assert your content among this crowd. With the right guidance, you can significantly increase your chances. Writing Avenue has put together the best tips and advice to make your book publishing success. 

The book market is growing, and more and more authors and publishers are vying for readers’ attention. As a new author, you have the challenge of competing against numerous authors. Not an easy task, but can be implemented with the right knowledge.

1. No marketing without a plan in 2020

If you want to market your book yourself, a publication marketing plan is essential. No matter what kind of book it is, gather ideas as early as possible to promote the book while still in the writing phase. If you want to write a technical book, you definitely need a different approach than a novel. Individually tailor the marketing to the target group. The marketing plan should be defined after gathering ideas, measures, guidelines, and milestones for implementation. 

Contact as many press offices, bloggers, and influencers as you can find for your book in your field. In this way, you will be able to draw in significant attention from potential readers. You may also develop a fan-following as people begin waiting for your next publications. Many measures should be tested, and reading samples should be published. You always measure the success of the strategies to get an exact picture of your desired target group. 

2. Target group analysis for book marketing strategies

For the target group analysis, you should change your perspective and take in the customer’s perspective. Which customer would you consider for your book? Where do they spend most of their time? What kind of books and magazines do they read? What is your target group’s job? What other products do your desired customers buy? What type of advertising campaign would convince them? All of these questions will help you narrow down your target audience. A crucial factor if you want to market your book yourself. 

Develop a detailed avatar of your desired customer, so you will know which channels they can reach. Only then can you be sure to minimize your wastage and not waste money unnecessarily on book marketing. Depending on the target group, it might make sense to invest more ads in magazines and newspapers. If your target group is younger, social media channels make more sense. If your target group is more female, and your book is about fashion or recipes, Pinterest is a good platform. The more information you collect about your target group, the more likely the advertising success can be mapped.

3. Perseverance and continuity is a must to market your book

Book advertising pays off if the author is willing to persist in convincing his/her target audience. Because many who want to become an author focus exclusively on the paperwork. After the editor has revised the manuscript and the book finally comes on the market, many are surprised that no one is buying it. Marketing work is just as important as the quality of the book itself.

That is why constant targeting with individually-tailored advertising is so essential for your book’s success. All authors who have had to market their books themselves know the importance of persistence. Anyone who throws the gun too quickly into the drain will get nothing. A fan base is built up through constant marketing. The main aim is to offer the readers added value. So be generous with reading samples and other small gifts.

4. Be a storyteller for the best book marketing

If your target group is limited, targeted marketing can take place on the right channels. The best strategy for building a loyal readership is brilliant storytelling. Be a storyteller, and offer your potential customers a glimpse into your world. The book’s creation is just as exciting as the reading samples’ content that you should distribute. Make a story out of every advertisement and captivate readers with entertaining anecdotes about your book and yourself. This creates a personal relationship between the reader and the author. There is hardly a more effective marketing strategy today as people can identify with the author.


Write crisp press releases, give interesting author interviews, and distribute them on all social media channels. When you write a guidebook, give your readers challenges, questionnaires, and solutions to their problems. What innovations can you offer your target group? Choose the most sensible channels for your cross-media marketing and expand your reach efficiently.

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