Over 45 authors and artists will meet their fans at the Vintage Paperback Collectors Show in LA, on Sunday, March 8th. For one day only, this famous show offers more vintage paperbacks in one place than anywhere else in the world.

There are so many paperbacks, that no one is able to see them all in one day. Even with a crowd of other collectors around, it is possible to discover a hidden gem late in the afternoon.

Each year there are great finds reported by folks who attend the show.

Searching thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and the internet can find a few wins, but their stock is nothing in comparison to the number of books available at this show.

Dealers at the show have been spending the year looking in those other places and are bringing their findings to this show to offer them out.

If you collect hardback Science Fiction and Mystery; if you like to search out early Pulps; if you want to get Original Illustration Art, this show is for you.

Dealers offer eye-catching items beyond vintage paperbacks. It’s a hobby about the eye appeal of pop items from the late 20th Century.

Consider that many of the dealers are paperback collectors who do not sell at other shows. Their stock of peripheral Pulps and pieces of Original Art are never seen in any other venue. It’s fresh stock to look through

The event takes place Sunday, March 8th, from 9am to 4pm at the Glendale Civic Auditorium. Admission to the event is $5, which you can pay at the door. More details, here.