Are you ready to introduce your amazing book to your readers? It’s time for you to think about distribution. 

Book distribution is much more than creating a KDP account. It is also about selecting the best keywords and book categories, setting the right price, and making sure your print version never gets out of stock. This experience can be daunting, time-consuming and leave a bad taste in your mouth, if you don’t do it properly.

Whether you’re a first-time author or want to expand your market for your current books, our team of experts will hold your hand during this process and help you learn how to do it properly. It will also save you a ton of time and give you the peace of mind to continue focusing on your writing.

Our professional book distribution support service includes: 

1. Book Distribution One-On-One-Coaching
Three 30-minute individual coaching sessions, where are showing you the book distribution ropes so you can master it yourself and apply it to your next books. We will discuss book distribution platforms, print on demand, KDP Select, pricing, keywords, and book categories.

2. POD & Book Distribution Platforms Account Set Up
We handpick the best POD and book distribution platforms that match your book genre and writing objectives, and we set up your accounts. We ensure your book files meet the specs and quality requirements for each channel.
We help you upload the files and fill in the metadata.

3. Metadata Selection
Keywords and book categories are crucial to your book discoverability. We select those that will get an impressive number of eyeballs to your book page. We also optimize your book description and author bio with keywords and put a spin (if necessary) that speaks to your target audience.

4. Pricing strategy
We help you set the best price for your book and come up with a one-year pricing strategy. 

Email support up to 30 minutes email support after each session.


How does it work?

If you think we’re a good fit, please place your order and fill out this submission form. All you need to provide is your book’s title, genre, and description and a brief summary of your target audience. We will also schedule your coaching sessions.

Turnaround time is 15 business days.

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Professional Book Distribution Support


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