The Publishing Profits Podcast

Host: Tom Corson-Knowles
Topic: writing, marketing, traditional and self-publishing for authors and entrepreneurs
Frequency: weekly
Length: 40 minutes
Level: intermediate, advanced
Highlights: top guests, eclectic audience (writers, entrepreneurs, literary agents, editors, bloggers, marketing experts)

Hosted by Tom Corson-Knowles –bestselling author of more than 20 books including The Kindle Publishing Bible, the show, launched in december 2013, features interviews with the publishing industry’s top bestselling authors, publishers, editors, agents, marketers and attorneys to share inspiration, education and best practices. Tom Corson-Knowles asks intersting questions and manages to get valuable insights and great stories from his guests. The podcast has already over 100 episodes, whether you are just thinking about writing your first book or are a multi-published author. You’ll find new ideas to help you take your career and income to the next level.  New episodes are released on Fridays or Saturdays.

You can listen to the Publishing Profits Podcast here.