The Seductive Writers’ Diary

Hosts: Laurence O’Bryan & A.G. Billig
Topics: digital marketing techniques for authors
Frequency: twice a months plus The Dublin Writers’ Conference weekly specials.
Level: intermediate, advanced
Length: 15 – 20 minutes
 the hosts’ expertise, top guests, unconventional approach, top-notch information

The interaction between writers and readers is similar to the romantic involvement between people. In today’s world of distractions and  entertainment, the writer needs to seduce the reader more than ever. The process goes beyond the writing (the best book you can write) and presentation (professional cover, perfect editing) to marketing and building an appealing yet genuine author brand. This writing podcast shows you how.

Laurence O’Bryan – digital marketing expert, founder of The Dublin Writers’ Conference and A.G. Billig – PR expert, best-selling author and radio host know this. Therefore, their goal is to help you master the seduction art of your readers. Regular episodes include the expert’ advice with Laurence O’Bryan and interviews with best-selling authors conducted by A.G. Billig. O’Bryan’s experience teaching digital marketing in Dublin makes him an agreeable speaker who is able to convey information in a concise yet appealing manner. Billig successfully puts herself in the audience’s shoes and asks the right questions.

The Specials, issued once a year in May – June, just before The Dublin Writers’ Conference, consist of interviews with the event speakers, reputed professionals in the publishing industry such as Ken Atchity, Jessica Bell, Michael Russell, and Ben Galley.

The Seductive Writers’ Diary is the best proof that entertainment and learning, when properly done, are a good match. No doubt, you will fall for it.