With more and more people tapping into their storytelling abilities and self-publishing books, getting your book marketing right is something that you can no longer ignore. Brand building, podcasting, and a strong foundation for your self-publishing business are hot topics we’re going to address in the upcoming months through live webinars and presentations.

A new year has just begun, and you can make it the best one so far in your writing career.

Here’s the list of the next three events where you can learn from and meet A.G. Billig, the founder of Self-Publishing Mastery, and the rest of our team. If you’re in SoCal, we’d be delighted to meet you.

1. How to Create a Podcast that Sells Books

Event Type: Live Webinar
Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Date: January 23 and February 20, 2020, 1.30 pm EST

In 2016,, one of the major podcasting services, reported 3.3 billion requests for downloads. Imagine the difference this could make to your book sales if only 1% of these downloads came from people listening to your podcast! In this webinar, author and communications expert A.G. Billig will share the secrets that made her a top radio host and walk you through the process of creating a podcast that can help you sell more books and increase your visibility as an author.

You will learn:
• What tools you need to get started and sound like a professional radio show on a budget
• How to awaken the podcast host within you and HAVE FUN with it
• How to create entertaining and appealing content for your podcast
• How to promote your podcast to get people to download it
• Gain maximum exposure for your book by podcasting

2. Tough Love for Writers: A Publishing Primer

Event type: Live Panel Discussion
Level: aspiring authors
Date: February 1, 2020, 12.30 pm PDT
Location: Palmdale Playhouse, California

Moderated by the award-winning playwriter Brandie June, the panel discussion will focus on the workings of the publishing industry, building your business as an author, and the role of literary agents.

The audience will benefit from the expertise of two top-literary agents in LA county, Steven Hutson and Paul Levine.

A.G. Billig will walk you through the four essential pillars of self-publishing and show you how to use them to achieve tremendous success as a self-published author.

Event type: Live Workshop
Level: aspiring, beginner, intermediate
Date: May 30, 2020, 2 pm PDT
Location: Anaheim Public Library

3. Build Your Power Author Brand

Part of the monthly Writers’ Workshop Series, Build Your Power Author Brand is designed to break down into manageable, actionable steps the process of building a strong author brand.

In today’s challenging book market, you either are a power author brand or a commodity. Marketing your books without having an author brand is like building a house without a solid foundation. Investing your time, energy, and resources into building your author brand will make you stand out in the crowd and ensure your success as an author.

In this workshop presented by A.G. Billig, you will discover insider secrets about branding. You will learn how to build an author brand that grows your reputation, transforms your readers into loyal fans, and gets you maximum traditional media and book sales.

At the end of this session, you will know what an author brand is and how to create your own, the right way.

If you need help with building a power author brand, we can help you! Check our special Author Branding Services package that will get you the recognition and sales you truly deserve!