If you have a great fiction or non-fiction book don’t miss the first Annual International Writers Awards writing competition with $2,000 USD in prizes. The submisson deadline is September 30, 2017. The winners will be announced on November 30, 2017. Find out what is unique about this competition, and how you can use the 2017 writing competitions to grow your writing career from Emiliano Forino Procacci. He is the  winner of the 2016 Golden Book Award in Italy for his bestselling book “Comunicare con Successo,” member of the jury, and education consultant for Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships, the award-winning organisation behind the first Annual International Writers Awards.

What’s the story behind the Annual International Writers Awards?
The Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarship (IFERS) is an award winning and California based public organization dedicated to improving society. For the past twelve years, it provided support to high achieving scientific researchers, community groups, educational organizations, and more.
The President Newton Lee is always open to new projects. The contest started with an idea about organizing a major writing competition open not only to US authors but also to authors from all over the world. Our idea became reality in short time. People from all over the world already submitted an impressive number of manuscripts.

You are a writer yourself. Why would you advise authors to enter writing competitions and, also, at what stage of their career?
I started writing many years ago. I won a contest, which got me on the Encyclopedia of Italian Emerging Poets (Aletti Publisher 2003). You don’t have to wait for a special moment to enter a writing competition. Every opportunity matters.

What are the main benefits of entering the Annual International Writers Awards?
The first benefit is getting feedback on your work from acclaimed judges. There is also the opportunity for you to improve your writing skills. As I always say: know yourself, and you will always know where to go because the North Star won’t be in the sky, but inside of you. Let’s not forget about the $2,000 USD in prizes.

What sets this competition apart from other similar competitions?
I would start with the judges. You can read their biographies on the official IFERS website. Then, this is an International Award that celebrates the talent of authors around the world.

How did you select the judges?
We worked a lot on this aspect of the competition. After an in-depth screening and with the help of the acclaimed author Desiree Duffy we chose some of the best.

What’s in it  for the winners, other than the money prize?
To answer let me quote a sentence from my book The secrets of motivation and personal growth: We don’t have to be masters to teach orchestral music, and the athletes who won the gold medal at the Olympics are not the only ones who can teach sports, in fact, every day is perfect to convey what we know to someone else and remember: even the most brilliant light has no value if it is hidden in darkness, be bold and show the world what you can do!

Do you have any tips for the authors who want to enter the competition?
A life worth living can’t ignore the constant search for yourself in the world. Every competition gives you the opportunity to learn something. Sharing our knowledge, donating our creative talent to the world, and helping people to improve their lives are some of the things we can do to fulfill ourselves as social beings and to increase the probability of success.

How can authors use writing competitions to advance their career?
During our life journey, we don’t always travel in business class; sometimes, we need to go the whole way by foot. If you don’t win this competition, don’t give up. Try again and again until you do. Winning The Golden Book Award was a very good thing for my career. As a result, many publishers contacted me, and I received plenty of job offers as a nonverbal communication, psychology, and self-help expert.

If you want to submit your book to the first Annual International Writers Awards writing competition click here.