Writers And Readers Unite has already reached 26k members from all over the world. It is a public group where, as the name shows it, readers and writers come together.

Authors may post about their new books, and readers may post review or comments Poems and personal blogs post are welcome —commercial blogs, latest news or just photos of things having nothing to do with writing or books will be deleted and the poster banned. Anyone offering writer services, publishers, reviewers, book covers and such are welcome.

jThe majority of posts are about new book releases with little engagement. We didn’t notice any posts or input coming from readers. Occasionally, information about writing contests, self-publishing services, or other useful topics come up.

Despite the impressive number of members, we can’t help to notice that the post engagement is limited. We feel like being in a room full of people where everyone is screaming out loud their name, without paying attention to one another. Despite this noise, the group seems terrible quiet. If you decide to join, don’t expect much. Just keep an eye open for any useful pieces of information people drop in.

Joining procedure: joining is free. The group is open.

Posting policy: the posts need to comply with the general policy of the group.