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A press release is a powerful marketing tool that you need to include in your audience-building arsenal. You can use it in multiple ways, from enhancing your website’s SEO and building traffic to getting media exposure such as articles, interviews, and book reviews. New book releases, book awards, author events, and other significant milestones in your writing career can become newsworthy if you present them properly in a press release.

Tell the most recent achievement as an author compellingly, draw more eyeballs to your book page, and keep the press kit section on your website up to date, with a press release. But, wait! Not just any press release, but an SEO optimized press release that will include keywords relevant to your readers.



+ An SEO optimized, professionally written press release (up to 700 words)

+ One revision


How does it work?

Please place your order and fill out the submission form. All you need to provide is your bio, a brief description of your book or event, the release date of the book or the date of the event and answer a few questions.

This information will allow us to write an interesting press release that will make you look like the pro that you are, pick the journalists’ interest, and grow your audience. In the unlikely situation where we will need more details or clarification to complete our task, we’ll reach out to you after reading your answers.  

Turnaround time is 14 days. Expedite delivery (two days) is an additional $99.

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