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You are a well-established professional, life-coach, or expert with an idea for a non-fiction book. However, you don’t know where to start, have no writing and publishing experience, and need a gentle yet firm hand to guide through the process. So let me help you

My name is A.G. Billig, and I’m a published author, presenter, book strategist, and founder of Self-Publishing Mastery. So far, I’ve written 9 books (women’s fiction, short stories, self-help, memoirs), four of which you can find on Amazon. I’ve worked with publishers and literary agents and helped authors from around the world self-publish and market their books


This book coaching accelerator, which I created with someone like you in mind, will help you learn how to write a book that commands attention—the kind of book that will grow your reputation and clientele while positively impacting people’s lives.


At the end of this program, you will have a solid outline of your book, a catchy title, a compelling elevator pitch, an accurate profile of your target audience, and a next-steps solid plan.


This book writing accelerator will also help you to:

unleash your creativity and increase your productivity

establish clear objectives related to your writing

set up a writing routine that works for you

get the words on the page

overcome your inner barriers and limitations, silence the inner critic, and gain the confidence you need to express yourself

This accelerator includes:

1. Five ninety-minute consecutive one-on-one work sessions, scheduled weekly.

Each session will include a weekly assignment. The weekly assignments will help you internalize the takeaways of each coaching session and make progress towards your goal, fast.

Session #1:

We will find out your “why,” define your point, and set clear objectives for you as an author.

Session #2:

We will define your book theme, structure, tone of voice, personality, sub-genre(s)

Session #3:

We will define your market and profiling your target audience

Session #4:

We will sett up a writing routine that works for you. We will brainstorm the book title, tag line, and elevator pitch

Session #5:

We will discuss traditional publishing versus self-publishing options and identify which one works best for you. This is also a Q&A session for you to ask any questions you may have at this point.

2. Email support:

up to 30 minutes between sessions

3. Weekly written feedback to your assignment

4. Video and mp3 recordings of the live sessions for your further reference

5. Written assessment of the outline of your book with recommendations for developing the content of each chapter

6. Written critique (up 1000 words) of the first two chapters in your book with recommendations.

7. Customized written next-steps plan with recommendations regarding the book marketing strategy, book retailers, and calendar of activities

Investment in your lifetime writing career:$2,199

Let’s do it!

*payment plans available upon request*

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