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Build an Author Identity that Will Attract Legions of Loyal Readers and Skyrocket Your Book Sales



Let me ask you this….

Are you ready to develop your author brand but don’t know how?

Do you want to build a strong author identity that skyrockets your writing career, gives you authority, and creates an emotional connection with your readers?

Do you want to build a legacy as an author?


If the answer is yes, you came to the right place!


You see, your author brand is so much more than a logo and a bunch of graphics (known as your visual identity). At the core of your author brand (identity) stand the impact you want to make and those aspects of your personality, story and vision that resonate with your ideal readers. This program is designed to help you uncover these exact magical ingredients that will make you an irresistible author.


You also came to the the right person.


My name is A.G. Billig, and I’m a self-publishing expert and book coach specializing in author branding, publicity, and media appearances. As a former PR & Marketing Specialist, I worked with renown brands in consumer good, fashion, automotive, and hospitality industries. I got a chance to witness firsthand and also bring my contribution to rebranding of popular products such as Pantene and Peroni Nastro Azzuro. Now I’m using my knowledge and expertise to help authors build power brands.

Here is my promise to you!

By the end of this program, you will know your author brand! The deliverables include your author tag-line, bio, talking points, look and feel, and more! You will be ready to take your writing career to its next level.

You will also….

get clear about who your public persona is

choose the best tools and avenues for building your author brand fast

identify what makes you unique and appealing to your audience

have a clear vision for your writing career and define your goals

This personalized one-on-one coaching program includes:

1. Five sixty-minute consecutive one-on-one work sessions, scheduled weekly. Each session will include a weekly assignment.

The weekly assignments will help you internalize the takeaways of each coaching session and make progress towards your goal, fast.

Session #1:

We will find out your “why,” define your point, and set clear objectives for you as an author.

Session #2:

We will dive into your story. What's the best story you can tell to your readers about you and your books? What are you core messages and talking points.

Session #3:

We will define the main elements of your author brand and create your tagline and brand promise.

Session #4:

We will define your story, bio, talking points.

2. Email support:

up to 30 minutes between sessions

3. Weekly written feedback to your assignment

4. Video and mp3 recordings of the live sessions for your further reference

5. Customized six-month book marketing plan for your book

6. Customized author brand profile

Investment in your author brand:$2,199

Let's do this!

* payment plans available upon request*

Use the contact form below to book a free 20-minute discovery call with A.G. Billig or enroll today in our AUTHOR BRANDING ACCELERATOR for only $ 2,199!

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