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Author Media Kit Design

Get More Media Exposure with a Professional Author Media Kit

Do you want more media appearances, speaking engagements, or even a sponsor or literary agent for your new book? It’s time to put your best foot forward and dress for success with a Professional Author Media Kit.


A Professional Author Media Kit is a must-have in your book-marketing arsenal. It is your author business card, a snapshot of your writing career you will want to present to the world. It is never too early or too late to have a professionally designed press kit, which you can send to journalists, book bloggers, bookstores, and key players in the publishing industry with one click. But if you’re planning your book launch, now it’s the right time to do it.


A professional Author Media Kit will:

+ Make it easy for journalists and book bloggers to promote your work.

+ Make you stand out in the crowd, boosting your credibility and perceived value.

+ Make a great first impressions on the key players in the publishing industry or related industries



Digital-PDF version of your Professional Author Media Kit ready to be sent or printed. It will include, but not be limited to:

An SEO optimized author bio (yes, we will tweak the current one or write it from scratch)

An SEO optimized press release

A written author Q & A

Your book(s) at a glance sheet

Suggestions for interview topics/discussion points

The graphic layout for your Author Media Kit

How Does It Work?

Please place your order and fill out the submission form.  Once you do that, we will email you the questions for the author Q & A. In the submission form, all you need to provide is your author bio or resume, links to your Amazon book (s) page (s), author website and social media channels, a synopsis or description of your most recent book. You will also need to give us details about your next book launch or major event in your writing career (i.e. speaking engagement, winning an award) so we can write the press release.

Author Media Kit Design $399

Turnaround time is 20 business days.

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