How to nail your book launch

We want to see this orange tag next to our book title, don’t we? Best-selling Zoe McKey knows all the secrets of a successful book launch and has agreed to share them with us. Why is the launch of your book so important? What are the best days of the week for such an important event? Read further on and you will find the answers. 

What would you call a successful launch?
Well, what I wouldn’t call a successful launch is a book that doesn’t reach 5000 or better position in Amazon Paid ranking charts after promotion. What I call an excellent launch is when after 1-2 days of promotion your book reaches 1000 or better position. But for this, you need very good promotion tools.

What are the most important elements for a successful launch?
The title, cover, content should all be “good enough” to brilliant to get special attention as a self-published author. Plus the promotion tools you use. The best one, and most stable, is your own warm source that you have direct control upon (your email list in other words).

71Yv4fjAyCL._UX250_I also play a bit with the days. I can’t confirm my theory, but based solely on my experience the best timing to promote a book is between Friday and Sunday.

How important is the launch in the overall success of a book?
Well if we talk about launching on Amazon, it’s deal breaker. Since you have a lot of competitors around and depending on your topic, there will appear new books in your niche every month you really have to seize the moment with your launching otherwise your book will just fall into the endless “diversity” pits of Amazon’s. Most of the promotion tools deal with newly released books, but there is BookBub for instance which is far by the largest, and best promotion tool for a self-published author. There you can promote your older books, too and it’s almost guaranteed it takes you to the top 500 books sold on Amazon, at least for a couple of days. Good luck getting accepted, though. It’s like mission impossible. Of course, it challenges me, so I am continuously applying.

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