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Many of you are still wondering how and if you can use Clubhouse for book marketing purposes. Here is what I've learned about Clubhouse in the past month from being an active user and interviewing top publishing experts and

Editing your work can be a bit of a drag unless you use software solutions. These 5 editing tools for writers will make editing your manuscripts easier than ever before.  Now, none of these 5 editing tools for writers will do

Writing now, during such a difficult time, might seem nearly impossible. Your head might not be in the self-publishing mindset right now. After all, our kids are home, we have to work from home, and we might even have a

J.P. Jentile is one of the lucky European writers who broke through the US market. His passion for writing, clear objectives, and grit brought him a contract with a traditional French publisher and propelled his debut novel, Ogrino, The Ancient

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