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As most indie authors know, the self-publishing landscapeis dynamic and ever-changing. From Amazon’s constantly shifting algorithms to fleeting fads in every genre, self-publishing is, in many ways, unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to predict it by examining recent trends

The question of how best to price each format of your book on Amazon is one that cannot be answered without understanding the nuances of how pricing affects marketplace perception. It’s foolhardy to assume, as many new entrepreneurs do, that

Alinka Rutkowska's new book, Write and Grow Rich, hit 5,000 pre-orders earlier this month. What does this mean, and why do you want to achieve the same outstanding result with your book? Well, the answer is that she and her co-authors  have

You've got everything lined up for distributing your book, but there is one (not so) small marketing detail that gives you a headache: the price. The royalty percentages, length, perceived quality, and the prices of other books in your genre

  An increasing number of self-published authors make a decent living out of selling digital books on Amazon, yet the majority of purchased books around the world (45%) are still paperbacks, says a study conducted by FeelGood Contact Lenses about the

Laurence O’Bryan, digital marketing expert, best-selling author, and founder of The Dublin Writers' Conference, recommends you five best practices for becoming a best-selling author.  Understand your theme and your genre. Buy and read the most popular books in the genre you

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