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Topic: Writing/Creativity Best for: Authors at all levels Even when you are not writing your next novel and especially when writer's block knocks on your door, use your imagination. The Write Time: 366 Exercises to Fulfill Your Daily Writing Life  gives you

Topic: Writing Best for: Authors at All Levels Robert Yehling's Writes of Life, a winner of the Independent Publishers Book Award, is one of the top books on creative writing of all times. If you are an aspiring author, it will help you

Category: Book Marketing/Branding/The Business of Self-PublishingLevel: Aspiring, Beginner, Intermediate Authors Russell Nohelty spent over ten years building a career as a writer. He came out the other side successful, but made mistakes before he figured out how to sustain himself and build a thriving

Category: Writing/Editing Level: Aspiring, Beginner, Intermediate Authors What one thing holds back most unpublished manuscripts? Book doctor and editor Elaine Ash believes it’s not a lack of sparkling characters or lustrous prose—it’s structure!After working for decades to learn how bestselling scribes like J.K. Rowling,

Category: Writing Craft, Creativity Best for: Authors at All Levels 30 years after its first publication, this book continues to be an Amazon bestseller and a must-read for improving one's writing style.An excellent guide for novice writers to become seasoned writers, writes a

Authors need a strong author brand to build long-time success. Your online platform, which includes a website and at least two social media channels, is one of the main pillars of your author brand. This book offers you practical information

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