I had a conversation once with an author about writing goals. “Not everyone is in it for fame or big money,” she told me.”Some people are just happy if family, friends and people in their community will read their book.” My question is: why deprive the world of your wonderful creation? Why not aim high and be a best-selling author?

Your manuscript might be brilliant, the presentation professional, but there is a third factor that is critical for your success. Your mindset, thoughts, and emotions have the power to make or break your success.

Here are five valuable tips we learned through experience:

1.  Write with your heart open. Fall in love with your book, your craft, your readers, and the path to success will unfold at your feet. Your enthusiasm or your lack of confidence are contagious.

_DSC58912.  Trust your gut. Learn from the established authors’ experiences, ponder their advice, do your research, and pay attention to your intuition. It is your best guide.

3.  Plan ahead. If you choose the self-publishing path, planning is a key factor for a successful book launch. Whether you decide to work with a professional or handle it yourself, make a plan and stick to it.

4.  Be authentic. Don’t write a series or a book in a genre just because it’s trending. A great book will always find its readers. 

5.  Find an accountability partner.Putting words on paper every day is just one of the steps to becoming a best-selling author. Pair up with another writer and support each other’s goals.

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