Author Raye Mitchell, Esq. receives the prestigious Irwin Award at the Annual Book Publicists of Southern California (BPSC) Awards. The Sculpting Life Above Average series is named Best Empowerment Book Series. The series is a reflection of Mitchell’s dream to help women merge leadership and health and wellness tools to live a life above average and stand out for their unique contributions regardless of age, size, race, gender, class or educational accomplishments. We talked to the author about her the process of writing and what authors can do be above average.

Raye Mitchell, Esq

SPM: Do you remember the experience of writing your first book? What was the most rewarding and the most challenging?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: 
I remember being a secret writer for years, meaning I wrote content but never called it a book. When I did my first full and published book, I was amazed how calm I was in the process.  The most rewarding was the idea of giving birth to the first full book.  The most challenging was the feeling that I now wanted to do more and my readers will expect more and better works. Yikes!

SPM: How does a life above average looks like in your opinion?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: Sculpting a life above average is an unending journey of finding the freedom of self-acceptance and embracing your identity regardless of circumstances. It is a process of persistent upgrades and renovations.

SPM: What authors can do to be above average?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: I use the term ‘above average’ to mean many things beyond achievement.  I use it to mean being a person that embraces their ability to turn setbacks, disappointments and uncertainty into an advantage.  For authors to be above average, they should look at how to extract a win out of a setback or perceived loss.  We get a lot of critics as authors.  For every negative review, or comment, find a way to flip the script and make that the winning story.

SPM: How do you enjoy the most about being a writer?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: As a writer, I am enjoying the freedom to find new and different ways to relate to myself, my experiences and to relate to complete strangers.  Writing is a bridge to building human connectivity with strangers and unknown well-wishers.

SPM: How can business owners, philanthropists, and public speakers harness the power of a book to make the world a better place?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: Everyone that owns a business, is in business, is a humanitarian or philanthropist, or public speaker needs to write a book and keep writing books.

SPM: What is next for you?
Raye Mitchell, Esq.: My current work is focused on inspiring others to have fun and rise up from a challenge, a setback, or a disappointment to not just survive, but to elevate their life experiences and sculpt a life above average.  I started a blog called, www.RayesJourney.comcapturing my wellness journey to recover from a series of setbacks and disappointments. I am a work in progress, and my next three books are a reflection of that journey as a big girl finding the peace of self-acceptance in a small world.

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