Richard McMunn, a bestselling author, educator, and award-winning publisher, is one of the most successful authorpreneurs in Europe. He is also the living proof that your website can be the perfect bookstore: 65% of his sales come from his website. Find out more about his successful self-publishing journey in our new episode of the Self-Publishing Mastery Talks.

What’s to love about self-publishing?

I like the freedom that it gives me. Before that, I was a fire fighter for 17 years. The financial reward is really good, too. I love being in control. Of course, you need to take risks and, if you’re not getting it right, you’re not going to sell many copies. But I love that challenge. I love the creative side of it and also the freedom of not being tied to an office

What is the right mindset for success?

You have to do things in a certain amount of time. Success is a choice; you need to learn all the time, keep trying, and keep changing. Tell yourself, “I can do it, I can achieve it, I just need to keep trying.” You have to be confident in your own abilities and set a deadline. Put the time when you’re going to write in your calendar.

How can writers boost their creativity?

Take long walks. Fitness makes you feel more positive and enthusiastic. Look after yourself, eat right, drink right, make sure you have high energy levels. If you’re not feeling up to writing don’t force yourself. Feel only when you feel positive about it

How you can make social media work for you?

YouTube and Facebook are a great platform if you’re writing non-fiction books. Create video titles based on what people search for on Google. The tile is really important. It can get on the first page of Google. Facebook is more about creating lead generation, building a relationship with the reader and less about selling. There is a thing called perceived value. If my content is good I want to reflect that in the price. I’ve done a lot of work as an author and I want to b paid for it.

A few questions to ask yourself when you set forth on your self-publishing journey:

◉ How much is it going to cost me?

◉ How many mistakes am I willing to make?

◉ How much money do I need to start?

What is my end goal?

Final tips and tricks on successful self-publishing:

✔︎ Focus on good content

✔︎ Connect with your readers

✔︎ Ensure you have a great book cover and perfect formatting

✔︎ Have a great marketing strategy

✔︎ Act as a project manager. Outsource book cover design and formatting

✔︎ Age is no barrier. Actually, the older you are the better because of all your experience and the expertise you can share with people in your books. You’ ve got lots of assets. The only person stopping you is you.

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