J.P. Jentile is one of the lucky European writers who broke through the US market. His passion for writing, clear objectives, and grit brought him a contract with a traditional French publisher and propelled his debut novel, Ogrino, The Ancient Legacy to the Barnes&Noble bestseller list in the US.  We bet you can’t wait to know more about this fantastic author.

A born storyteller, J.P. Jentile decided to pursue a writing career after a story he wrote for his two sons achieved recognition outside his family and close friends. An avid reader of Heroic Fantasy, the author is happy to share his passion and vivid imagination with children and grown-ups, alike. His mission as a writer is to nurture kids’ creativity and inspire them to embrace high-aspirations, tolerance, compassion, responsibility, solidarity, and justice.

Self-Publishing Mastery: How did the idea for your book originate?
J.P. Jentile:
I always invented oral fairy stories for my kids since they were very young. One day, I decided to write down a long story as their childhood memories gift they will enjoy in their adult life. My children liked the book very much. I thought it was normal as they were my kids. Then, their friends loved it, so I thought it was normal as they were the friends of my kids. Then, their parents liked it. I was stunned and realized my book could touch a wider audience. Starting from there, I contacted forty publishers in France for 2 years. Only four were interested in my book and only one, Edilivre, was ready to publish it for free.

SPM: What differentiates your books from others in your genre?
J.P. Jentile:
Its underlying spiritual message, poetry tone, and atypical hero, to name just a few. Although Ogrino isn’t human, young readers identify easily with this charming and atypical hero.

SPM: What do you think is the most extraordinary thing about you as a writer? How about as a human being?
J.P. Jentile:
The most reamrkable thing about me as a writer is my ability to captivate readers and make them feel they are part of the story through emotions and vivid images. There is also something poetic about my writing that makes it different. As a human being, I live my life in gratitude for being alive, in wonder of being part of such a beautiful world, and feeling joy when I experience the richness of human encounters

SPM: Why do you write books?
J.P. Jentile:
To be honest, I can’t help it! I have a compelling need to write. As an author, I feel a responsibility to share something positive with people. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my values and the product of my imagination with a wide audience. It is a real reward and joy to Meeting my fans, seeing the sparks in their eyes after having read my books, is so rewarding and fulfilling. I enjoy the great complicity with fans based on our shared experience of my books, and I like to be surprised by the unique way each reader experiences my stories.

SPM: What is the most extraordinary experience of your life so far?
J.P. Jentile:
During a night meditation session on the beach in Florida, I went through an exceptional inner experience where I intensely felt connected with the creation, in osmosis with the sea and the stars. This extraordinary moment remains a source of inspiration for my novels.

SPM: What are you currently working on?
J.P. Jentile:
I’m putting the final touches to the second book in the Ogrino series, “South of Nowhere” and also drafting the third and four books in the series. They will be published in French and followed shortly by the English translation.


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