What do movie stars, TV hosts, celebrity authors, and TED speakers have in common? They have an uncanny ability to bewitch the camera and look good, almost larger than life. They effortlessly look natural and relaxed, but don’t let them fool you: skills and practice are their secret sauce.

Three things recently exploded: video content, Zoom, and Elon Musk’s satellites (that’s too bad). While Mr. Musk’s misfortune doesn’t directly impact your writing career, the rest does. Authors with engaging TikTok accounts report a boost in sales while Zoom and other online conferencing platforms facilitate access to TV shows. Your living room is the new TV studio! Take advantage of this opportunity and use these five pro tips to look good on camera.

1. Give yourself some extra TLC

Before any media appearance, put yourself in peak state. You may not be able to go the spa or take half a day off to relax, but you can certainly go to bed early the night before or schedule at least 30 minutes before the interview to relax, do a little meditation or breath work.  


2. Boost your energy and self-confidence levels

The sought-after guests are highly energetic. They don’t necessarily explain things with their hands, like the Italians, nor spit out their words at a machine gun speed (not recommended), but they give out a high-energy vibe and the interaction with the host is lively. 


Before your media interview, put yourself in a high-energy state by moving your body. Boost your self-confidence using power posing or positive affirmations.  


3. Speak body language

Most experts agree that up to 93% percent of all communication is nonverbal. Therefore, you need more than a great story to impress the audience. You want to grab their attention and build rapport, and that’s where your body language comes in. 

Smile when you’re being introduced and maintain an open body posture during the interview. Don’t fidget nor move your body too much—it shows lack of confidence and it makes it impossible for the viewers to follow you.


4. Dress up

In today’s world, media appearances are leaving the ultra-tech TV studios and sneaking into our cozy living rooms (or any other room). YouTube interviews, online conferences and summits, your video social media and blog posts are media appearances!

Although I find Chanel jackets and pearls a little too much, unless they’re part of your brand, showing up in your home clothes isn’t an option. Picking a nice outfit that suits you and your author brand is a sign of respect for the audience and for yourself. 

Makeup, even a basic one is mandatory for ladies, and great hair will score you extra points. Remember, anybody can snap a video, upload it on YouTube, and pretend they have a TV channel. But you don’t want to look like anybody. You’re a pro! 


5. Flirt with the camera

Nothing compares with the excitement of the little red light being turned on on the camera and signaling that you’re live. If you’re in a TV studio, with several cameras, be mindful of the little red light—it signals that particular camera is broadcasting. Your job is to be relaxed and engage with your host—the camera will find you. 

However, when you’re delivering an important message, make sure you look into the camera that is broadcasting. 


The lens is your connection with the audience—your Trojan horse into their hearts. 

When you look into the camera, you’re talking to them. 

Imagine the camera is a potential partner, someone you like and want to win over. Be relax and congenial; a little mysterious and intriguing; surprising and straightforward, depending on the context and the conversation topic. 


Would you like to dive deeper into it and learn how to handle your media appearances like a pro? Be prepared, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and be on top of things? Check out our online Media Training Mastermind conducted by A.G. Billig and watch the video below to learn some useful tricks, which she also will discuss in detail during the Mastermind.

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