Authors in all genres asked me how can they use YouTube to market books. YouTube is the second most used search engine on the Internet and draws millions of eyeballs every single minute. As a guest of honor of the Orange County Screenwriters Association, Frank Chindamo, an award-winning new media guru, revealed how any creator can become a YouTube sensation in five steps.

In the modern day, interactive is the ruling word. People don’t just enjoy content, they want to participate. And they do by uploading videos on YouTube at mindblowing quantity and speed. Every now and then, one of these uploads will become viral. According to Frank Chindamo, the combination of unexpectedness, uniqueness, and humor is a powerful competitive advantage. Here is one of the examples he provided:

Tastemakers play an important part, too.  Jimmy Kimmel tweeting about this video on his account led to an instant spike in views. The video surpassed 44K million views and still counting.

Here are the five steps to becoming a YouTube sensation:

  1. Create a video that people want to share. It needs to be unexpected and unique. Humour is a plus. If you plan on using YouTube as an additional source of passive income, bear in mind that you won’t making money before you reach the 10K views milestone. The good news is that you will get 50% of the advertising revenues.
  2. Concept is king. Create a high concept that can be implemented on low dollars. Combine two elements that normally don’t go together like history and rap, for instance.  Look at what’s trending and, also, do your research to make sure that your concept is fresh and original. Make it funny! You want your viewers to be hooked and watch it until the end since YouTube pays for watch time.
  3. Make it timeless. Combine talent, repeatability, and evergreen. You’ll create content for posterity. Team-up with the right people. In 2017, collaboration is the new competition.
  4. Choose a great title. It should be memorable, surprising, but also clear. People need to get what they are going to see. Love Bytes is a good example.
  5. Write a great description. Make short, interesting, and funny. Use appropriate keywords. Also, use a great thumbnail that looks great on smartphone screens. Half of the YouTube views are on mobile devices.

Now, that you know the most important secrets, start doing it!

Mark Sevi, OCSA President, and Frank Chindamo

If you want to learn more about mastering the YouTube game,  check Frank Chindamo’s book on Amazon.

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