Sell Your Soul

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Russell Nohelty spent the last ten years of his life building a career as a writer. He came out the other side successful but he spent $100,000 doing it. He also  made mistakes before he figured out how to sustain himself and build a thriving writing career and a publishing company that clears six figures a year.   His own trials and errors, failures and achievements, inspired him to write Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career. Probably the best dollars you’ll spend on your writing career this fall.

This book offer a blueprint that shows you all the elements you need to build a creative career without feeling gross about it and is a must-read for all authors who choose to go the self-publishing route. It also gives you all the fundamental knowledge you need to set you up for success. Sell Your Soul is set up in five sections: How to Make Great Content, The Basics of Sales, Building an Audience from Scratch, Making Money at Live Shows, and Launching your Product Successfully.

Here is what other readers say:

” Everything Nohelty discusses is directed specifically to creative people who want to make money with their creativity and break the stigma that all artists have to be starving. He speaks to the readers as if there’s a conversation happening. He’s quite frank and down to earth, but still concise and purposeful with his words. There are times when you can almost hear Russell yelling into the pages that yes, this is going to be hard, but it’s not impossible.

Nohelty is also upfront and honest about what has and hasn’t worked for him while leaving it to the reader to decide what they want to try because he or she might have a completely different experience. There are certain aspects of the book that feel like life hacks. They are literal step-by-steps of what he did, so why not try it yourself.” Toinette

“Extremely valuable for anyone who wants to make a career out of their creative passions, but especially writers!” Travis Czap

“This book is exactly as it is advertised. It is designed to help you build your creative career by giving you clear and concise advice based on the hard lessons of experience. Russell covers the challenges you might expect when using each of the strategies he offers and provides insight on how to overcome these challenges by sharing many of his own mistakes. From email lists to social media and conventions, this book covers it all and provides a clear look at the many options you have to expand your reach and increase your audience.” Jay Edingfield


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