No one can ever really know the secrets behind the literary genius of some of the most famous writers. Not even people who write books themselves. The reason is that each and every person has their own unique approach and method of creating something new. And what works for one person may be completely useless for another.

Or even downright strange.

Yes, sometimes in the pursuit of catching inspiration to create a masterpiece, writers turn to quite peculiar rituals and routines that they think help them to write better. And pretty often, these authors end up with that ritual evolving into a full-fledged habit, an action they keep doing over and over. Most of the time, such habits turn out to be not of the most common kind. In fact, they may seem rather odd to other people.

It’s hard to deny that all famous authors have one thing in common: their strong passion and unquestionable eagerness about what they do. After all, that’s the reason they became so famous in the first place, making people talk about them and their masterpieces. And the fact that some of these authors are ready to go so far as developing habits that the majority of people will consider weird only strikes the imagination even more.

That is, of course, if all the known writers’ quirks are true. But even if some of them are just another piece of fiction, that doesn’t make them any less fascinating. That only proves once again the true genius behind it all, that the writer could make people believe in something that wasn’t real.

Today you have a chance to look at some weird habits of famous writers and decide for yourself whether or not they were real. The infographic includes 20 authors with truly curious quirks. Some of the described habits are closely connected to the author’s craft, while others are just things that they loved doing repeatedly, regardless of the situation.

Apart from that, you’ll also find a couple of quick facts telling how exactly these quirks influenced the creative process of the writers’ works, as well as the effects of these habits on their lives in general.

So why don’t you go ahead and check out the infographic right away?

About the author: Jack Milgram  is a freelance writer and traveler from New Jersey, USA.

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