You got a shiny new author website where you showcase your books and your fans can read your full bio and even buy digital copies of your novels. Your blog section is a great tool for building your audience. Make sure you avoid these five common blogging mistakes. 

Blogging will help you to strengthen the relationship with your fans by delivering extra value, driving traffic to your website, and giving you additional material for your social media channels, and these are just a few of the benefits you will reap if avoid the common blogging mistakes listed in this article. 

To be a good blogger requires you to be more than just the best writer. Bear in mind there are common mistakes people who start blogging do. You need to avoid them if you want to get results.

A beginner blogger’s mistakes will keep you from getting the traffic you hope for. They limit your blog’s potential as well as success no matter what you write about. So here are the top five beginner blogger’s mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Failure to Promote Your Blog Posts

You may write great posts. But if you leave it at that, you will not gain major traction. There is a need for you to distribute your content.

 You wrote your content with the target audience in mind. It will be good if you find ways to take your content in front of your audience. Don’t have a false belief that people will find your blogs magical.

Either you cannot hope to go viral by sharing a single link on your personal social media page. Also, SEO should not be all you are doing to attract traffic your way. But you need to consider using a combination of different content distribution strategies.

2. Neglect of SEO

Have you come across sites that talk about content marketing and blogging? You will observe many of them say something about SEO. What it means is to optimize your blog’s content and website.

If your website ranks well in search engine results, chances are your audience will find you with ease. Many beginner bloggers forget to put SEO factors as they blog. Research has shown that many website users do not search beyond Google’s first page.

With your website ranking higher on the search engine results, you’re likely to attract more traffic. To optimize your website is quite easy. Just use good keywords and write quality content. You will be ready to go.

3. Your Focus Is too Broad

It may sound obvious, but it is one biggest mistake bloggers make. You need to have a niche. Ensure your posts are not too general. Having a niche will help you to become a resourceful blogger.

There’s more. It makes things easy for you to have a given viewpoint and link with your target audience. If your point of view is unique and your focus, the better.

Your blog posts need to give value. No one wants to waste their time going through a general blog post. Easy, direct, and straight to the point content will do marvelous for your blog post.

4. Failure to Create Original and Robust Blog Visuals

Your blogs should not be just about words on the page. It is good to be a bit creative. Create original, beautiful, and exciting visuals and post them. You will have created a fantastic way to engage your website users.

Visuals will help break up your text and keep the reading experience of your visitors easier. They will help your content look better. You can rest be assured your audience will enjoy it more.

Many beginner bloggers don’t include videos on their posts. If you want to attract traffic, you need to create videos. They captivate everyone who visits your site.

5. Poor Linking

You need to get a link building right to promote your bogs. With link building, you can rank better. 

Do not involve yourself in link trading. You will get into trouble if Google catches you. Do not forget internal linking. Add links to your content. It will encourage your site users to bounce around your website instead of leaving.


You can scale your blog to that level that allows you to quit your full-time job. But you have to avoid the mistakes beginner bloggers make. Always ad visuals on your post and get it right on linking.

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